About Us

Techfin. Driving productivity through technology.

Techfin is an Australian owned and managed technology financing business that seeks to assist small, medium and large businesses to drive productivity in their businesses by making smart technology financing decisions.


Rob Williams is the Founder and Managing Director of Techfin and has a wealth of experience in the Information Technology space, especially in the area of software, hardware and services financing.

Rob spent over ten years with IBM and started in the PC Fleet lease division helping customers identify and configure Desktop solutions as well as incorporating a financial solution.


Rob engaged on a daily basis with industry leaders – CFO’s, CEO’s and CIO’s across Australia and New Zealand.

This gave Rob an understanding of what drove these businesses. Rob spent two years managing the Complex Deals Division bringing together different units of IBM to provide end to end solutions to multifaceted customer challenges.

Create a financial strategy with Techfin

An overarching financing strategy is essential to successfully and cost-effectively implementing a dynamic infrastructure.

Working from a strategic blueprint to fund any related initiative will help you optimise every element of your solution, conserve cash to use for other projects, and quickly embrace new technologies.

At Techfin we can help your business devise a flexible financing strategy that is tailored to your needs and can help increase productivity and drive down costs across the lifecycle of your IT assets.

At Techfin we offer simple, customised technology leasing, financing and asset disposal solutions to address each lifecycle stage. This includes planning, acquiring and managing your infrastructure and disposing of your retired assets in compliance with environmental laws and with appropriate attention to data security.

Contact Techfin to discuss a financing strategy for your business.