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Installing PV Solar and LED Lighting are quickly becoming two of the most popular ways of combating the ever increasing energy costs in today’s difficult economic climate.


By combining your energy efficient investment with Techfin’s PV Solar and LED Lighting finance offerings the benefits can be realised sooner.


Over the last 12 months Techfin has been working with its financiers to build and deliver a very competitive and flexible range of solutions for the financing of renewable energy investments with a particular focus on PV solar and LED lighting technologies. The benefits include:


  • Loan terms to match the return on the investment.
  • Simple documentation for fast processing.
  • Flexible finance options to maximise tax and
    accounting benefits.
  • Low doc facilities for <$50.

LED Lighting Finance


In addition to providing our customers with flexible  finance options, we also have solutions that are tailored to the supplier and installer market to assist in winning and processing PV Solar and LED Lighting opportunities more efficiently resulting in more time to focus on new sales.


Contact Techfin to discuss your Green Energy Financing options.

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