Hardware Financing

Techfin helps your business

  • reduce costs
  • manage risk
  • improve service with fast, flexible, responsive financing

Techfin realises that in today’s economic climate you require a smarter and more dynamic IT infrastructure, and therefore you need a smarter and more dynamic way to finance it.

Techfin in partnership with IBM Global Financing and HP Financial Services can provide qualified customers, access to capital and tailored financing structures you require to address your infrastructure needs.

As you initiate and evolve a dynamic infrastructure, Techfin can provide a long-term financing strategy with funding options that will help you reduce costs, manage risk and improve service levels.

With the right funding strategy in place, Techfin can help you acquire the technology and services you need in a way that meets your budget and ROI demands and lets you quickly adapt to changing business requirements and marketplace conditions.

Despite today’s economic uncertainty, companies interested in their long-term survival must chart a course towards greater resiliency and develop a financing strategy to get them there. Techfin can help make this journey affordable – and help you get started immediately.

Conserve cash and invest in the future: Get started today
Begin your move to a dynamic infrastructure by leveraging the financial resources of Techfin and IBM Global Financing.

With IBM Global Financing as our partner that has been in the IT financing business for more than 25 years and has financed over US $34 billion in IT assets for clients in each of the last three years.

By establishing a long-term partnership with Techfin and IBM Global Financing, you enable your business to balance the economic imperative to preserve cash with the need to invest in a smarter, more dynamic infrastructure.

You will then be able to deploy your cash into other areas to help drive the productivity of your business.

The road to a dynamic infrastructure starts with smart financing.

Take your first step today.

Contact Techfin for more information on Hardware Financing.

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