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Techfin’s IT services financing – turn up-front costs into affordable monthly payments

With the right funding strategy in place, you can acquire the technology and services you need. Techfin in partnership with IBM Global Financing and HP Financial Services can provide a long-term financing strategy with flexible funding options that will help you reduce costs, manage risk, improve service levels and drive productivity within your business.

When financing services, costs are generally heaviest at the front end, while the benefits don’t fully accrue until the project is implemented.

For a project to succeed, it’s critical to match cost outlays to expected benefits. At Techfin, our flexible financing options let you do just that – so costs and benefits track much more closely and large expenses can be turned into affordable monthly payments.

Flexible terms and payment options

Techfin offers various stand-alone financing structures with flexible terms and payment options that let you match your payments to anticipated cash flows.
These include:

  • Flat monthly or quarterly payments
  • Step payments
  • Balloon payments
  • Deferrals

Or, at Techfin we can offer businesses our comprehensive project financing solution, which provides a customised, all-inclusive package for services, infrastructure solutions and business transformation. You can use it to smooth out and consolidate the costs and management of IT projects – and achieve superior results.

In a business environment characterised by rapidly shrinking IT budgets and internal competition for the same limited capital, technology leasing has become one of the smartest and more creative ways to fund innovation.

Allow us to customise a financing strategy that’s just right for your business requirements.
Contact Techfin for more information on Services Financing.

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