Total Financing Solution

  • At Techfin, through our partnerships with IBM HP and Canon, we can offer the most comprehensive IT financing solution for your business. Each business wants to increase their productivity and partnering with Techfin can assist in the acceleration and implementation of large and important projects.
  • At Techfin we can help you finance the total solution. Without this, a client may have to deal with individual financing sources for hardware, software and services ending up with multiple payment schedules and a complex arrangement.
  • At Techfin, we can provide the total finance solution for your IT requirements. We are strategic partners with IBM Global Financing, Hewlett Packard Financing Solutions and Canon Finance. No matter what your needs are, we can tailor a financial solution that suits your individual objectives.

Here are the benefits of Leasing and financing your IT Infrastructure

  •  Drive productivity by enabling your business to turn large up-front IT expenses into affordable monthly/quarterly payments
  •  Helps to conserve your cash and credit
  •  Helps your budget go further – pay as you use
  •  Can facilitate equipment refreshes to lower ongoing maintenance and support costs
  •  Helps reduce the risk of obsolescence – supports lowering disposal costs
  •  Financing can lower your total cost of ownership and support your strategic financial objectives

Why partner with Techfin?

  •  Straightforward contracts, terms and conditions
  •  Competitive financing rates
  •  Proven processes, capabilities and tools
  •  Stable long term partnerships with IBM Global Financing, HP Financial Solutions and Canon Australia
  •  Global reach

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